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Base is MOTUC Count Marzo, lower legs, lower arms, and "kilt" are from a DCU Lex Luthor Battle suit. Armor from count Marzo.. Head and some of the fodder used is from a battle force Star Wars Darth Vader. Light saber is from fodder and the handle of a paint brush. I wanted him to have another accessory so I made him a shield using clear plastic I colored red and then painted with electric/lightning effects. Wanted to look like all his gear was technological in nature. I did teeter-totter with the paint scheme. I mean Vader is the man in black next to Johnny Cash. It ended up being just a personal preference in the end. I personally like black and red combinations, so I left the red cape, plus I was trying to distance my custom from my previous Darth Vader. and the arms left unpainted was to tie it in more with the MOTU figures. If I had arms like that I would rip the sleeves off of all my shirts and suits and let everyone enjoy the gun show. LOL. God Bless and Happy Holidays.
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