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New answers are in!

1) Going as far back as the 2003 San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro has occasionally had a diorama or two on display to show off new and upcoming toys. My personal favorite was the 2008 Mygeeto Diorama which showed off the AT-TE toy. What goes into putting together these massive displays, which was the most challenging to make, and which one is the favorite of the team at Hasbro?

We're glad you like these mini masterpieces.  Our dioramas for the most part are created by our good friend Patrick Kelly at Diorama Dreams, on commission from Hasbro.  Typically, we will give Patrick an objective and things we want to feature in the diorama, and leave it to his more-than-capable imagination and hands to create the magic.  He is a massive Star Wars fan himself, and a member of the 501st and the real deal when it comes to perfecting his craft.  If you have the good fortune to meet Patrick at one of the shows, be sure to tell him what you think.    

2) Captain Rex was shown as part of two new Clone Wars Battle Packs at San Diego Comic Con. Is there anything different about the Rex figure in either set, or will we be seeing the same Captain Rex that has been released numerous times since 2008?

Great question.  The answer is no, and yes.  The Captain Rex that will be appearing in the "Hidden Enemy" exclusive pack will not be different from the previous release.  However, the Rex in the ARC Troopers Battle Pack will be very different; the deco has been completely redone, he has an all-new (and more accurate) helmet sculpt, and his head is a little different (using the Bly head as a starter).  In addition, he has an all new sniper rifle with bipod accessory based on the first issue of the Clone Wars comic.  Yowza!
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I'm sure most of us plan on picking up that ARC BP, so its good to hear that Rex will have some new parts and deco!

PS- Did you post this on the homepage too, Greg?

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