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Holt Kazed!

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ECHO BASE FORUMS: Last year a Nien Nunb figure was released that was pretty cool, but most collectors still really want to see a resculpt of the Sullustan Rebel in his more recognizable co-pilot outfit. What are his chances of appearing in this year's much-anticipated RotJ-themed wave, or maybe next year's? Also, would he be somewhat short like his PotF2 release, or taller like his most recent release? There's some controversy regarding the height of the Sullustan species so it would be interesting to hear what you think.

HASBRO: There is a good chance that we'll see a co-pilot Nien Nunb in the next couple of years.  As for his height, we will make a new-sculpt version accurate to the reference, and will consult carefully with Lucasfilm on that.  As for the rebel pilot versions, they may have come out a tad tall because that's what we had to work with from a tooling standpoint.  Besides, all pilots look a little taller in that great flight uniform, don't they? Or maybe it's the lifts in the boots...  

ECHO BASE FORUMS: Nothing would go better with the awesome CW Y-Wing than an awesome Plunk Droid figure. Is there any chance of seeing everyone's favorite four-legged power droid show up in the line at some point, maybe in a hangar bay themed battle pack with some of the clone pilots from the popular Malevolence story arc?

HASBRO: I hope that Killian paid you adequately for that plug.  Actually, we would love to see a Plunk Droid some day. We'd say that there is better than a 50-50 chance you'll see one within the next two years in some form or another (most likely as you mention, in a multi-figure pack).  

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