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ECHO BASE FORUMS: In the last session you said that although it is unlikely we will see figures of characters from the Clone Wars online comic, you would consider other sources, and you specifically mentioned the Dark Horse Comics Clone Wars series. So we'd like to point out the appearances of Kit Fisto and Plo Koon in the In Service of the Republic story arc, in very cool (no pun intended) cold weather gear. With the popularity of the "Trespass" episode of the TV series among kids and collectors and the recent inclusion in the line of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Rex in their cold weather gear, would you consider making those unique versions of these two fan-favorite Jedi?

HASBRO: You hit the jackpot.  We are well aware of those issues, a truly classic story that would have been very welcome on the big screen.  At least one of the Jedi will be finding their way to the line based on their appearance in the comic.  It's possible that more characters could show up as well, but right now we only had a slot for one.

ECHO BASE FORUMS: We have a three-part question (and please forgive us if something similar has been asked already in previous sessions). Everyone is sad to see the Build-a-Droid pack-in go later this year. The Build-a-Droid concept gave us a wide variety of awesome droids from throughout the Star Wars universe, and the pieces also had tremendous customizing potential for both kids and for the large number of collectors who are into that sort of thing. But perhaps the most important thing about the Build-a-Droid pack-in is that it if kids and collectors wanted to have a complete droid, they had to buy an entire wave of figures, even if there were one or two characters that they may otherwise have passed on. So the first part of our question is do you think that ending such a popular pack-in will hurt sales? Also, would you consider bringing the Build-a-Droid pack-in back to the line in the future, even though no other pack-in has ever been brought back after ending? And last but not least, what's YOUR favorite pack-in in the modern Star Wars line's fifteen year history? One of our forum members ran a poll across several different sites, and Build-a-Droid was the clear favorite, but we're curious which one you liked working on and bringing us the most (Commtech chips, Force files, coins, etc.)?

HASBRO: We are very grateful that fans have shown so much heart for the Droid Factory concept. It certainly was out favorite (and most useful!) pack-in by far.  We don't think that removing the buildable figure will hurt sales, as the decision to replace the line with Vintage has a very strong appeal.  If anything, we think that the Droid Factory concept may have been too confusing for kids and some fans to follow.  We don't think the Droid Factory parts actually hurt sales, but sales during the Droid Factory run were some of the lowest in recent times for Star Wars figures.  We think it could return one day, if we can clearly communicate the concept and get some more credit on the front of the package.  After all, coins did return (albeit after a very long hiatus!).

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