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Holt Kazed!

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ECHO BASE FORUMS: Have you considered making any figures based off the Clone Wars online comic? The online comic, which supports the Clone Wars TV series, has a great amount of characters to choose from. In addition to making new figures such as Ares Nune and Tonzet Xebec, there are a multitude of unique clones such as Kite, Mag, Shiv, and Ganch, that could easily be made using existing molds.

HASBRO: We have not considered this for the most part, because it is very important to stick to the entertainment that kids are watching for our figure lineup.  However, we will consider other sources that allow us to do a new version of a major characters, and we will be making a figure or two based on the characters who have appeared in the Dark Horse Comics Clone Wars series.

ECHO BASE FORUMS: The upcoming Aurra Sing in the Clone Wars line looks amazing! When can collectors expect to see a brand new Aurra Sing figure in the realistic format?

HASBRO: If the schedule holds, there will be a new basic carded Aurra Sing in 2011.

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