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Holt Kazed!

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ECHO BASE FORUMS: After her recent appearance in "Holocron Heist" and her second place finish in the Toyfare Fans' Choice Poll, would you say that everyone's favorite Jedi librarian has a pretty good chance of being released? Also, if you were to release Madame Jocasta Nu, would it be in the animated line or the realistic line?

HASBRO: Jocastu Nu remains out of any of our lineups.  Despite her appearance in the show, we remained convinced that she would be a figure for whom actual demand would be very low.  If we eventually did add her to the line, it would not be in the kid-focused Clone Wars line but would be as part of the realistic, Legacy-style line.

ECHO BASE FORUMS: Why have the original Rebo band members, as well as the cantina band members, never been released individually? They are all in major need of an upgrade. They seem like they are popular enough characters, so any chance that you could be making some new versions of these guys in the near future? An original Sy Snootles would be really nice too!

HASBRO: Based on the sluggish response to the 2007 Max Rebo Band re-release, demand for these figures appears to be very low.  As such, we don't have any plans to update them any time soon.  If we did do a new version of any of these figures, the Cantina Band members would be the first choice.

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